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for General Companies

Service Overview

Responding to customer's needs and cases with the Open System in which Web correspondence is possible, and the Host System which has a business results in batch processing or report creation.

One-stop Service which offers Statistics/Aggregation/Analysis of Company's test or Questionnaire data.
On Various Questionnaire Business, we offer "WEB Questionnaire" and cope with customer needs promptly.

Service which offers the total solution lending a Housing Service Space, providing a Network Lines, and System Operation Substitution.

ODK can develop the most suitable application and software for customers.

The specialized staff well versed in each industry performs Proposal/Development/Employment maintenance of System.

They are all linking directly to management strategy.

ODK has Mainframe/Input-output units/various devices for processing output data.

Service which provides anything and everything consistently.
(Data-input/Classification/Sending etc.)